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Three Funny shows
Saturday, September 21, 2013 posted at 9/21/2013 06:06:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

Howdy guys!

These past few days have been a blur. I'm just getting used to going to work in daylight, and yes, it is such a delight! I think I became more positive now compared when I was working during night. And my biological clock is finally set.

Sadly, I still missed watching lots of shows. Not sappy teledramas, but funny and witty shows. I want catch up but time is not on my side. I wake up four in the morning and sleep by 10pm. Yes, this is what real life is all about. It is less dramatic yet soul-wrenching. Just for laughs, I would like to give you my top three funny shows.

1. 2 Broke Girls.

This is the show that I can relate to, and I think many of us feel the same way. But Max and Caroline just know how to make fun of their striving lives, although living in New York and trying to make the ends meet is somehow still glamorous than living here in the Philippines and breaking your back.

Anyway, Max' view of the world. She knows she's broke but her spirit is still determined. Former princess, rich girl Caroline, on the other hand, is trying to get back on the social ladder by devising ways to earn money. When I first watched this, I thought of putting up my own cupcake business. Hahaha.

2. Awkward. Ack, the memories of puberty! Well, Jenna Hamilton definitely portrays the wallflower girl trying to find the place in the world. Although it is not outright funny, her point of view gives a very good insight on what teenagers feel today.

3. Big Bang Theory. The revenge of the nerds. This is one show that makes geeks look hot and funny. I love how scientific facts are incorporated on the lines and the plot. The characters are flawed but they make their flaws hilarious. And of course, who wouldn't love the legendary couple - Shamy!  I can't wait to see what will Amy do to make the elusive Sheldon fall for her completely!

One of these days, I will be a coach potato and watch these three funny giants!

See yah!