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Changes and some new things
Sunday, September 8, 2013 posted at 9/08/2013 11:24:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Howdy, people! Yes, I know its been so loooong since I write something. My apologies. I had a very hectic and hellish week because of some changes. Here are some of them to name a few:

1. New job. Yes, I already went for a greener pasture. I cannot say if it is really greener since I'm just starting, but I find the office setting quite different from my previous work. Everything is quite free fall and I miss the feeling of having a definite structure - definite office breaks, work flow, etc. But I would have to give this one a chance, especially when my new boss gave me gargantuan task. It is a challenge that I definitely accepted. But I have to brace myself from embarrassing and awkward work moments like me being one of the people there who doesn't smoke. And yes, I would have to prepare my lungs for that.

Photo from Google.com

2. New blouse. I know, it is not a monumental change, but I would like to add this one because it's been a long time since I bought something for myself. I fell in love with this blouse that moment I laid my eyes on it. It suits my fun personality, and of course, my "strawberry" nickname.

Isn't it sweet? 

3. New bag. Well, a new blouse needs a new bag! My new Adventure Time Marceline bag is getting some attention, especially from my nephew and nieces. They, too, are a big fan of the show. I got mine from my former officemate Jom, who has a contact with Snapsacks. I love Marceline. She is the embodiment of the word rock! I'm so obsess with these bags, I'm gonna have to get the Finn/Jake reversible bag, LSP Oh My Glob bag, and BMO's knapsack next time!

My Marceline the Vampire Queen bag

4. New member of the family. Well, there's a new baby in town, and that baby is my niece, Liane Jascha Ramos. My brother and his wife had a hard time during her delivery. But we treat this as a blessing. And the best news is, she has the same birthday as her elder brother. My aunt skill needs a little polishing. :)

Our little angel, Liane Jascha Ramos

There, expect more news in the coming weeks. And I hope will be the good ones. :)

Note: I will have to write a post about our Movie Marathon Saturday next time. Watch out for that!

xo Ayoy

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