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The Million People March.
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 posted at 8/27/2013 01:51:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Hello, Monday!

Hope you guys are feeling alright. Me? I've spent my whole Monday morning monitoring the news and updates on the Million People March. Recent events concerning the 10-B Pork Barrel scam led the people to air their protest to the government to totally scrap the pork barrel system. If you're not updated on the recent events, high-profile politicians and businesswoman Janet Napoles were accused of stealing the people's fund by creating bogus non-government organizations to sequester the funds. Now, the Napolesses went into hiding and the lawmakers who got involve in the scam are continuously defending their innocence with their endless gimmicks.

Fed up with how these swines pocketing the money, people made their sentiments heard in social media. At first, it was just an innocent posting and exchanging of ideas, messages, and anger towards this hideous scam. It was until a group of three composed of Bernardo Bernardo, Peachy Bretana and Arnold Pedrigal created a Facebook page urging the people to come to Luneta on August 26 to rally against Pork Barrel.

We have thought that it would just be another rally where agendas will be heard. But this one is different. There is no central event. rather a gathering of people exchanging thoughts on the issue. There's no stage where people get to speak, but just a video wall airing and showing the event itself.

Some say the theme shows that we don't need a leader to vent our protest against the system, but the presence of the people themselves is a living testimony. It was peaceful yet people can feel the strength of message they wanted to relay. Although it did not reached the intended number of participants, I can say that the event was a successful. It's not about the numbers, but the courage of the citizens to fight for what is right and make a statement. Throngs of people are nothing if you cannot make the authorities feel your sentiments.

I regret that I was not able to come, but I made my declared my support online and watched the news. I know that it is just the start, and I hope that the people will continue to be vigilant to keep our officials know that we are here, we cannot be ignored, and we will be heard, especially if it concerns our hard earned money that should be used for its intended purpose.

Here are some of the highlights of the said event:

The Million People March Slogan, taken from PDI
Pork masks, taken from NegrosChronicles.com

Participants going to Luneta, taken from PDI
Reverend Cardinal Tagle joined the protest, photo taken from PDI

'Juana Change' dressed in 'Pork Barrel', photo taken from www.philstar.com

My Alma Mater, Letran College, shouting 'Go Fight PDAF! Arriba Letran!' on their way to Luneta, photo taken from Facebook.
Seaman workers air their protest through social media, photo taken from Facebook.

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