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Philippine events in numerical sequence.
Sunday, August 25, 2013 posted at 8/25/2013 12:39:00 AM ♥ 2 comments


Its been a while. I've been so busy these past few weeks, I didn't any time to spare to blog or write something personal. Mostly, I would go home, eat a little, then sleep. It became a routine for quite some time. Anyway, I would give you, my dear readers, a rundown on what happened to our dear country in the past few weeks. So here is my top 7.

1. Alledge 'Pork Barrel' Scam Queen, Janet Lim-Napoles went into hiding.

Photo from PDI

After categorically denying that she and her family have nothing to do with the 10-B PDAF scam, Janet Lim-Napoles and the rest of the Napolesses went into hiding. DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima is hot on their trail, searching every corner of country. Well, I'm sure she will have a hard time as Napoles will either be in one of the biggest houses (Senate & Congress) in the Philippines or dead as a lechon.

2. Typhoon Maring and Habagat

Photo from Interaksyon.com
Photo from Ninjakimal.com

The Philippines always has constant visitors starting from the month of June until September. Yes, we always welcome the harsh beating of typhoons and monsoon rains. Time and time again, we see how these unfortunate catastrophes devastate our nation - flooded regions, body counts, squatters refusing to leave their already damaged space, celebrities and politicians photo ops, etc.

But despite all these, we learn. We not be invincible to disasters, but our spirit is. We pick ourselves up and stand again. As they say, "The Filipino spirit is waterproof."

3. Jinggoy's innocence.

I watched Senator Jinggoy's interview in ANC and I almost burst out laughing about his statement that lawmakers are not obliged to check whether the non-government organizations they supported are legit or not, which is a very lame defense if you asked me.

If Senator Jinggoy Estrada have time to spend on sitting in the Senate and just listen to his colleagues' banters, I think he has the time to check if the people's money (that he is careless giving and spending) is being used for its intended purpose.

4. Lani Mercado's amusing statement about the abolition of pork barrel.

From GetRealPhilippines.com

In an interview by PEP.ph., Congresswoman Lani Mercado-Revilla was asked about her opinion about the abolition of PDAF. I think she answered the question with batting an eyelash with this statement, " Basta huwag lang manghihingi ang mga tao sa amin...Hindi naman pwede 'yung pinaghirapan namin dahil personal naman namin yun, sa mga anak, sa pang araw-araw na panggastos."

So, Bacoor residents, this is the one you voted for to help you out. Congratulations, I think you are heading to a bleak future. This statement incur the wrath of the netizens. I think Congresswoman Lani Mercado did not read or understand her job description. Or she's not interested as it will not serve her family well.

5. Even more ridiculous claim of her husband, Sen. Bong Revilla about his signature.

Photo from Interaksyon

Senator Bong Revilla can be a good screenwriter. He and his counsel know how to spin a story. In his latest attempt to extract himself from the PDAF issue, the good senator claimed that his signature might have been forged. Just to be sure, he will hire an expert to check the documents. But the Commission on Audit immediately refute his statements and said that the lawmaker verified the signature himself.

I'm quite curious how will this turn out. I'm pretty sure there will be more drama and story of deception as the plot unfolds.

6. 'Million' march vs PDAF

Photo from PDI

On Monday, August 26, there will be a huge protest to support the abolition of pork barrel and transparency on using government funds. The said event will be held in Luneta. We, Pinoys, are known on staging a peaceful revolution. With all the corruption, lies and deception, and distrust, I think it is time for us to make a move and show our government that we want change and oust those swine from their offices!

7. Wentworth Miller's coming out.

Tinseltown is still in shockby Prison Break's star Wentworth Miller's coming out confession. In a statement he released to decline an invitation to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, he casually said that he will not be coming because of his sexuality and points out Russia's treatment to the third sex is unfair and quite discriminating. That was very courageous on his part.

Like Miller, I hope our politicians will come clean, not about their sexuality, but about their excesses and corruption.

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