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Reasons behind corruption. AFCES
Saturday, August 3, 2013 posted at 8/03/2013 06:28:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

It saddens me every time I read news about corruption. Whenever I watch TV reports, endless stories about misused funds banner the headlines. Recently, the 10-B Napoles-Pork Barrel Scam shocked the nation. Janet Lim-Napoles, founder of a dubious company named JLN Corporation, allegedly to took the nation's fund through the PDAF or Priority Development Assistance Fund, through the help of some politicians in the upper and lower house. 

This is old news to many Filipinos. But what shocked people the most is the fact that a civilian was able to get hold of the people's money. According to whistleblower Benhur Luy, Napoles created various ghost non-government organizations that became recipient of the PDAF money. The issue only got messier when Napoles' younger daughter, Jeane, flaunt her lavish lifestyle by buying designer apparels and acquiring an P 80-M property in Los Angeles, California. Napoles continuously denied the accusations and tell the press over and over again that the money they are spending is legit and came from their own pockets. This issue is yet to be probed for at least five to ten years. Yes, people can get money easily but the government sure takes time to probe the case.

Time and time again, politicians were accused stealing the people's money in different ways. If you think about it, they already have everything - money, power, looks (to some), etc. Why the hell they still want the people's money?

Wincy Aquino Ong, published an articled in Yahoo! entitled, 8 Ways Filipino Politicians Justify Corruption. Now we can take the front seat on why our dear politicians steal, acquire, pocket our taxes

8. To off set campaign expenses. It is a known fact how much would-politicians spend on election. From eco-hazard posters to silly TV commercials. They spend gazillions on campaign collaterals and made us think why the hell they want to be on the position with meager earnings. Surprise! Surprise! 

7. Joining the bandwagon. This is a sad story. New and young politicians learn the old ways from their predecessors. Since old leaders were doing this practice and get rich out of it, the young ones also want to get the loot of the money.

6. Robinhood-vigilante syndrome. Since getting the funds takes a long process, politicians want the easy way iut and take the money instead and "promised" that the money will be allocated to the poor.

5. Looking powerful. For some politicians, money is synonymous to power, and having none will make you a weakling. And that power also comes with having designer clothes, luxury cars, etc.

4. Bureaucratic shit.  Most of us wants the fast lane. We want to get things done in a snap of a finger. And if we want to get things done fast, we need money. 

3. My reward. Yes, our poor politicians sacrifice arms and limbs serving our country. And in return, it is justifiable to give yourself a reward through people's funds.

2. Way better than my ancestors. Some politicians justify that he a much better person than the leaders before him. And the money he is getting will not even affect the budget.

1. This is for my family. Yes, we will do everything for our family. We want to ensure that their future is secured. Nevermind the country, it can still run with less funds.

Now you know what your dear politicians are thinking. 


The Solicitor-General is sure taking  time to sign my mother's and 65 of her officemate's retirement fund from AFCES. They've been fighting for that for 10 years or so.