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Thicker skin = Less Hurt
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 posted at 7/30/2013 03:00:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Are you familiar with these scenarios?

1. At work, your boss scold at you in front of all your office mates and told how incompetent you are at work, or your mom nags you about the choices you make.

2. Your boyfriend of 5 years dumped you for a girl who is your total opposite, or you got rejected by your dream college and

3. Despite your perfect life, there are still people who loathe you with a passion and you think that you cannot measure up.

Hate. Rejection. Criticism.

Yes, at one of our lives, we experienced to be trampled on, looked down, and left behind. And I must tell, it is part of the territory, and that territory is LIFE.

For some, it seems hard to deal with these kinds of scenarios, and I tell you, dealing with these can be heartbreaking as well. But what can you do to stop the pain? According to She.yahoo.com, you can choose between the two: be a victim or be resilient.


Being criticized by someone close to you shows how much they care for you. You may have interpreted it the wrong way, but it is their way of guiding you to the right path. But your boss is a different story altogether. Since you don't have an emotional connection like your loved ones, criticisms also sound terse and kinda disconnected. But think of it this way: your boss criticizing you means that you can still improve your work and prove him wrong. It his way of motivating you to do better. When you boss doesn't care of you're doing the right thing or doesn't correct your mistake, there is a high chance that he careless about your presence and definitely think that you can be despensable.


Rejections are unavoidable. I'm sure everyone experienced being denied of something - from little favors to big chances. But one thing is for sure: it will not kill. But I admit that it stings. As cliche as it may sounds, the quote, "What does not kill you makes you stronger." Deborah H. Gruenfeld, Ph.D., codirector of the Executive Program for Women Leaders at Stanford Graduate School of Business, says that when we are able to overcome rejection, we become stronger, fiercer and gain more confidence.


They say that the more we grow older, the more we gain friends...and enemies. It is a fact of life that we will have a group of people who evokes the feeling of animosity and anger. But the key factor that angers us the most is the effect they have on us whenever they are around. We feel instantly annoyed when they are near or disturbed when you hear their names. The simple solution is to ignore it. By ignoring their presence and showing you don't care a bit, you are overpowering their presence in a subtle way. It can be impossibly hard but it can be possible when you wanted to.

Having a thick skin is not that bad. It shows that you are caring for yourself and avoiding conflicts as much possible. In my case, I call it "self-preservation."

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