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Lay Bare and Ingrown Hairs.
Saturday, July 27, 2013 posted at 7/27/2013 06:23:00 PM ♥ 2 comments

Konbanwa Minasan!

I almost forgot to tell you about my waxing experience. Yes, I admit it. I'm a 27-year old girl who never experiences getting slimed by wax until last-last week. I'm not a vain-type of girl. I seldom wear make-up and I'm not comfortable wearing high-end dresses. In fact, I'm more of the shirt-and-pants type. If I can do away with laid-back clothes, I would definitely choose to wear them over some frilly clothes.

But these last few months, I've been wanting to change some aspects of my life and that includes my wardrobe. I would want to try wearing a skirt for a change. But what's holding me back was my hairy legs. Yes, I have one. I'm what they call here in the Philippines a "balbon". Meaning a was born with so much hair in my body. They said that my mother was so into "balut"  or boiled underdeveloped duck embyo. Many foreigners find this street dish icky, weird and strange. But it is very popular here in the Philippines. Many said that I inherited the hairy traits of the duck inside the shell. It is a common belief here in my country that if your mom was craving for something while she's pregnant with you, you were likely to get some traits in relation to that craving. We can it "paglilihi". 

Okay, so much for the Philippined culture and back to the topic. My hairy legs were hindering my style. And because of wearing pants all the time, my leg hairs began to curl which was not a pretty sight. It was then I decided to get them out. And I can only think of two ways to get them out: shaving and waxing.

I was tempted to do the former but I heard a lot of horror stories but blood, cuts and not-so-pretty growing hairs cause by shaving. But waxing is no different. I always watch on TV how people scream their guts out when they are being waxed. But I still chose the latter since I want my first no-hair legs to be done by a professional.

So, I've been hearing about Lay Bare Waxing Salon from my friends. They are loyal customers of this establishment. I thought it was a local store, but I found out that they have branches in the US as well. To make my decision final, I told my kopi that I'm going to do it. He approved so I got no problem.

We went to Lay Bare Market! Market since it is the closest branch to home. I wore a short to make it easier to the waxing attendant. Since it was my first time, I really don't know what to do or if I have to do something before the session. I just read from their site that it is not advisable to drink coffee before the session since caffeine stimulates the nervous and will make the waxing painful. So I did my best not to have drink one in the morning.

Like other first timers, I was so nervous when I got to the salon but tried my best not to show it. I told my kopi to leave me and roam around the mall. He could just get back at me when the session was done. The place looks like what a spa and other wellness center should look like - calming and very soothing. The receptionist asked if I'm: 1) pregnant (yah, I know I'm fat) 2) having my period (nope, just nervous) 3) going through a medical condition. I said no to all three and she asked me to fill out the form. I had to make a beeline and wait for a while since there are some customer who were almost waiting to be waxed. Apparently, I'm not the only one.

When my term came, I was soo nervous that I was thinking of backing out. But I didn't want hairy legs either. So I decided to overcome my fear and go with it. It turns out, it is not that bad. I expected too much pain and felt a little all throughout the process. My waxing attendant Cess did a good job. My legs look and felt like a new born baby after the session. I'm definitely satisfied and they definitely got my loyalty! Haha

But I noticed after the last two weeks the presence of ingrown hairs. I think this is going to be a problem for the next weeks before my next waxing session. I immediately search the Internet of the possible home remedies. According to Hairchick.com, the best way to prevent ingrown hair, always exfoliate your skin after the treatment. It would keep the pores open. Also, avoid using heavy moisturizers and cream after you undergone a hair removal procedure as this might clog the pores.

There you go! But if you know some tips, feel free to hit me with your comments!


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