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The trip to the aisle: The beginning.
Saturday, July 6, 2013 posted at 7/06/2013 01:35:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Well, my Kopi  and I have been together for more than four years. Both of us want to settle down. We love each other. We cannot live without each other. We are emotionally prepared. So what's the BIG HOLD UP?

Our answer: $$$

Getting married here in the Philippines is considered as a big event. It is a tradition for some to hold a big wedding and invite the whole clan and barangay to celebrate the big day. But not all couples have the money to blow for such event.  Yes, couples like us. And we still have responsibilities to our families, which I hate to say, is draining our wallets. But do not get me wrong; i love my family, but I think I have to think for myself just this once.

Just yesterday, Kopi and I were talking about it. Our friend will be getting married this week and I want to ask him how about us. His face turned sour and he said that he might not have enough money by that time. Honestly, it broke my heart, and to think that it was our 54th month together. I was all wimpy on the way to work. Although I tried not to bring it up again, it is eating me up inside.

While at work, I wallowed on my sadness, almost bursting to tears. Then I realized that I can make it happen. Wallowing will definitely get me nowhere, so I decided to step up and look for ways to make it happen. Basically, our problem is money. So I used my researching powers and find ways to save money for a wedding. After clicking some sites, I stumbled upon these two sites who give almost the same tips for would-be couples: MoneySmart.gov.au & Investopedia.com.

Here are the summarized version of their tips.

1. Decide what kind of wedding you want and pick a number. - Working around the budget that you think you have can solve half of the problem. It will serve us our limit. I think the ideal cost for a simple wedding here in the metro is P 100,000 to P 120,000. I think we will try to work on this budget, and if possible lessen the cost by making it as simple as possible. And we will do the preliminary research to know where to get the best deals. It would be best to list all the things needed (check!).

2. Prioritize and save. - I think me and my man will have a talk this evening on how we will do it. Since both of us have a saving account, we will open another one that's dedicated for our event and relationship. And we can use this in the future.

3. Reduce and DIY. -  As I said, we will try to reduce the cost as much as possible. Since I'm into crafting, I think I can do the small details like the invitation, flowers, etc. And since we are opting for a simple wedding, big details can be minimized

4. Find another source. - Part of this scheme is sacrificing. I would have to get another job to augment my earnings.

So there. Wish us luck on this!



My Kopi and I had the talk and it went well! So glad to know that things and plans are rolling, slowly but surely. And it pays it help other couples since I'm able to see the big picture and get some ideas on how to do this!

Wish us luck!