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The Happy and the Sad: Minions and Cory Monteith
Monday, July 15, 2013 posted at 7/15/2013 10:41:00 AM ♥ 2 comments

Although we already know it, it still surprise us to know that so much can happen in a day or even a minute. I just have to start with the happy one.

Yesterday, me and my kopi watched Despicable Me 2. We've been meaning to watch it for sometime now, but with our busy schedule sand lack of budget, the plan was pushed back. This Saturday, he decided to accompany me on a monumental event in my life - first time that I will have my leg waxed (This event will be detailed on a different post). After we went to church, we proceed to Lay-Bare Market!Market!. After the waxing session which lasted for at least 45 minutes, we realized that we had a lot of time to spare and we decided to have FUN! Lots of fun. So we strolled the mall and went to the much talked about SM Aura. Maybe I had high expectations, but I think the mall don't have the "fun aura" I was looking for. The mall was filled with high-end stores and we felt a little out of place on our ragged, street-type clothing. After covering the place, we went back to Market! Market!

It was then we decided to watch Despicable Me. Surprisingly, the all the seats were taken for the 4 o'clock screening time, and we were quite lucky to score two tickets that were returned by two anonymous strangers. God bless them!

We had lots of fun! We love the first movie and we love the sequel even more! And I will watch anything that has Kristin Wigg in it, even it is just her voice. And we were happy to see Gru, the girls, and of course, our dear, little, cute minions! My Kopi still thinks that they are speaking Tagalog. But I think they have that made-up language of their own.

Anyway, the whole thing was sooo hilarious!  I think we laughed and chuckled every minute of it! I love that Gru and the girl's personal life is kinda going to the next level, experiencing doubts and heartaches. Though, I noticed that the girls plays a little role in this movie. But I'm glad that the minions were given the exposure that they deserved!

We can't stop talking about them until we went back home. But aside from the movie, I think we were happy that we were able to spend time together and do fun things.


"Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind."

- John Donne

After a day full of fun, I was saddened by the news I heard today about the passing of Glee star Cory Monteith. I remember watching the first season of Glee and marveled at how much confidence he exude on his character. I love how he portrayed his role as Finn Hudson and how his songs affect lots of people.

It came as a surprised to me that he is battling substance abuse for a long time. It sure didn't show. And I was so proud of him when he admitted the situation and voluntarily checked himself to a facility. 

We don't know the extent of his death, and if you asked me, I'd like to keep it that way. I would like to remember him as that guy from Glee who inspire others to sing and to dream. Goodbye Finn Hudson! Have a safe journey!