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Starting anew: Ways to make it happen.
Thursday, July 4, 2013 posted at 7/04/2013 01:18:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

You know dear readers how I always rant about the disappointments that I encountered along the way - broken dreams and promises, low-paying jobs, mind-numbing work, stuck in a moment, etc. I've been filled with negativity that it almost ate me.

Just last Monday, I experienced another low-blow. I really want to get this one thing. For months, I've been praying to high heavens to grant me my wish. Sadly, not all prayers are answered. I gave myself a day of self-loathing to make me feel better. After a day, I get up, dust myself of and start again. I don't know how people deal with disappointments, but I think it works well for me.

Once I decided to make a change, some doors opened. Well, it was not the door that I was hoping to open up for me, but I figured that it will do, for now.

I know that at one point in our life, we experienced disappointments and hopelessness. But when you are down, there is no other way but up. Luckily, the Internet has the answer to everything. I simply Googled starting anew and the results were enormous. I read a set of tips from Wikihow.com. I know that some tips were not applicable to my case, but I'm still gonna share it with you just in case you need it.


1. Have you thought it through? - If so, please proceed.

2. The first step is starting a new life is imaging the life you want, where do you live, what type of relationship are you in, where do you work, how will you dress?- See, daydreaming is not bad.

3. Change your name. - Yes, give yourself a kick ass name that will suit your cravings for a new life. I choose Blair Cornelia, from Gossip Girl. Blair's character has a lot of spunk!

4. Dress differently. - Well, yeah, it is a little costly but it is worth it. And think how retail therapy can calm and soothe those nerves!

5. Get the right attitude.- Out with the old, in with the new! If you think your a laid back kind of person, seek for adventure! It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

6. Consider your friends. - Absolutely correct! I always choose winners and people with positive outlook in life. Wimps and bad influences have no place in my circle! I need people who knows what they want so they can guide me.

7. Find somewhere else to live. - Hmmm. This one is far-fetched in my case, but if you think you can be independent by living on a new space, I say go for it!

8. Find a new job - Either that, or I will add a new one to augment my low-paying job.

9. Well done. - There. Be proud and pat yourself in the back.