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A rainbow-suppressed society.
Thursday, June 27, 2013 posted at 6/27/2013 06:24:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Just got home from work and I still have time to spare to write something. Last evening, I read an article in Yahoo! about the Catholic Bishop's Conference of Philippines' (CBCP) reaction to GMA's pink serye, "My Husband's Lover." It seems that the priests and bishops are not happy about the gay-themed teleserye of GMA because it goes against the moral standards of the Catholic Church.  As CBCP Youth Commission Executive Secretary Fr. Kunegundo Garganta said, "Malaking pag-aaral ang dapat na gawin sa mga bagong serye, tulad ng 'My Husband's Lover' na sana maisa-alang-alang na nasa isang bansa tayo na mayroong kultura na pinahahalagahan ang usaping moral o mga bagay na saklaw ng moralidad."

I'm not a member of the third sex, but I have friends who are proud members of this minority. I'm a little bothered on how the Church and the Philippine society view gays and lesbians. I read some comments that it should banned. Here is one quote that really bothered me.

The thing that bothered me is the ignorance. He said that foreign shows do not showcase story about the third sex. It is like the man in living under the rock. I've been watching foreign and local shows and I would like to say that foreign show producers are daring enough to tackle the issues of sexuality. There's Glee where Chris Colfer's character tackles the hardship of being member of the third sex in school. Another examples is The Modern Family were two gay men are trying to build a family and living a normal life. I could name a few, but I think it will not matter since this people are close-minded. I would like to say that no matter how how they deny it, homosexuality is there. You cannot hide the fact there are people belong to this sect, no matter how less the numbers are. Banning the show is like denying its existence. We are being hypocrites if we say that they don't exist and it is purely wrong.

Second is the issue of morality. I'm a Catholic. Born and raised to be one. But I grow up seeing how the Church got involved in scandalous topics such as child molestation and corruption, so they are fine one to talk. And since I was young, I heard some people judge homosexual people as "kasalanan sa Diyos" or "salot sa lipunan." I would like to point out that there are a lots of successful gays and lesbians out there, both Pinoys and foreigners. I dare say that most of them are more morally upright than people who pretend to be advocates of morality. They know how to love, acknowledge the rights of other people, and care for their families.

In reality, we are living in a double-standard society where people can judge others without looking at themselves. Our thinking is so outdated that most of us still living on the 50s where being gay or lesbian was still a taboo. Why don't we open our minds and accept people for who they are and not for what their gender is. Why don't we focused our minds to issues that need more attention like poverty and lack of education and increasing crime-related cases.

If you want to go "moral" and "just" on this kinds of shows, think first if you are not stepping on somebody else's freedom.  Big NO to our rainbow-suppressed society!