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NL: In Love With You
Friday, June 21, 2013 posted at 6/21/2013 09:22:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

Konbanwa! Here at work and in the mood for some lovely music. I know some people will disagree with me that music today is full of CRAP.

I like the sounds of 90's. The music back then was full of emotions and meaning. It was soothing to hear. Whenever I listen to this hits now, I can't help but smile! And it reminds me that time sure flies by so fast.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite OPM (Original Pinoy Music) music, titled, "In Love With You". It was a collaboration of Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez and Jackie Cheung, one of Hong Kong's best singer-songwriter and actor. It was a lovely song, although the video is a little bit dizzying. But I love it nonetheless!