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Philippine elections from my POV.
Monday, May 13, 2013 posted at 5/13/2013 08:24:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Well, after celebrating Mother's Day, people are now falling in line in precincts to casts their votes and elect the 'rightful' candidate. For some people living here in the Philippines, having a position in government will certainly give you lots of perks, from money to lots of money. Helping your countrymen is just secondary. That is why lots of people are scrambling to kiss ass, stoop low, and use drastic moves to get into position.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Philippine politics.

I think I lived enough to tell how dirty the politics in my country. For decades, politicians constantly abused their powers and position. I think since the establishment of Philippine government in the so-called 'Tejeros convention', corruption is already present. It might interest others that not all the facts they learned about Philippine history in school is true. One friend and former colleague said that the Tejeros Convention was rigged.

And  the effects of that unfortunate happening in the Philippines is still apparent. In fact, it became even more dirty and disgusting. Only in the Philippines that politicians accused and proven guilty of graft and corruption were still able to run for public office. We had a president guilty of stealing people's money - and surprise-surprise! - still running for a mayoral position. How sick is that? And a congressman who was guilty of drug possession still wants to run for a position. Where is your delicadeza? Well, I do not expect them to have one because they are overcome with passion to get a position for their personal gain.

Take example here in Taguig. For decades, people here have been wanting to get their land titles. And from time to time, would-be politicians would came to the residents and promised to help them. But three decades had passed and that promise remains unfulfilled. And when the residents decided to do it on their own, certain politician in the barangay refused to grant the request.

And even before the campaign period started, I already saw these scumbags campaigning through Christmas greetings hanging on the tarps and walls, Christmas calendars with all the faces of the people who you know will run for a position. Talk about subtlety.

And let's not forget the bribes and vote buying which are rampant nearing elections. Money and taxes by the people are used for their campaigns.

And the violence during this time increase and soar to the roof. Talk about being peaceful.

Lastly, we see projects being implemented a month before the elections. After they are elected, they left these projects hanging and left the people dry.

That is just some of the scenarios. Feel free to add if you know more.

But as some people said, hope springs eternal. It is still up to us if will put these disgusting, sorry excuse of politicians to have the power. WE are the ones who have the POWER. It is the time to use our wit and intellect to choose a candidate who will adhere to the people's needs.