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The P100 Challenge
Monday, March 4, 2013 posted at 3/04/2013 08:00:00 AM ♥ 1 comments

Okay, I'm not good at handling money. Since I started working, I've been mismanaging my funds and bank account. Not that I'm trying. Whenever the money entered my ATM, I tried my darnest not to withdraw all the dime. But once the universe found out that I have moolah, his game will start. He will start to put obstacles along the way - Jeep repair, home bills, and unexpected expenses. Of course, there is nothing that I can do. Okay, there is one: I sigh in exasperation as I hand out the money. And yes, okay, some of it are my fault. There were times when impulsive shopping gets out of hand.

But now that money is tight and I'm planning for a wedding, I think I have to have to keep hold of the dimes more seriously. Way back, when my pay is still on astronomical level, it would have been easy. But with now I'm living on hand-to-mouth existence, I knew that it will be a challenge.

So okay, here's the situation: My day-to-day expenses is P150 - P 200. That's my estimate. On my way to work, I couldn't help myself to stop by the nearest 7/11 or Mini Stop to buy finger food for my 10pm break. It is usually a small bag of chips, a flavored drink and a banana or an apple. I spend roughly P50-P80 for that. I have a packed lunch, but sometimes, I cannot help myself to buy a to-go meal from the nearest fast food. And on my way home, I sometimes buy a quick meal for breakfast. And I need to pay some debt to since the company forget to deduct that to from SSS contribution.

Now that I laid the situation on the table, it is time to make some plans. Actually, I already started. I bought a sealed-tight piggy bank for my loose coins. Sometimes, I put in some bills for additional savings. It actually makes me happy to put something on my piggy bank. On the plus side, I think the situation present some advantages. Being on a tight spot makes me value what I have, live within my means, and think of additional means to make money. Gladly, a friend of mine offered a sideline job. It is hard, but if it means I have to have extra cash, it is welcome. And on the more plus side, it will be good for my waistline and my wallet.

The Plan.

Now here is the plan. My kopi and I are almost on the same salary level, yet he managed to keep some extra cash on his stash. I askes him how he is able to do it. Well, for one, he knew the value of money. He is always the thrifty one and quite wise in handling his pay. His workplace is near his place so the expenses for daily commute is definitely to his advantage. I'm on the same advantage as well, so he says that I can save like him too. Now I'm sure I'm in good hands >.<.

Anyway, he helped me make a breakdown of my daily expenses.

Transportation allowance: P 52.00
Food: P 100.00

But if I will try to make spend only a hundred a day, this will be my new breakdown:

Transportation allowance: P52.00
Food: P 48.00

Well, it looks hard. But I think I can live with that. And with that, the start of the P100 Challenge. Starting this day, I vow to spend only P 100 a day until the next pay day. I will keep you updated from this endeavor everyday to show my commitment. From there, I will see what will happen. If I break this vow, I should deprived myself a new pair of pants for the next pay day. >.<

From March 4 - March 13. Wish me luck!