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Birthdays and happiness...
Monday, February 25, 2013 posted at 2/25/2013 12:18:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Hey guys! I think February is one of the busiest month of the year for me. Aside from Valentines Day, it was also my birth month. For my 27th birthday, I wanted everything to be simple and peaceful. Some people want to have a big celebration, but I think it will never work for me. Since then, the week of my birthday is the busiest for a lot of people. Back in college, that was the time to complete scholastic requirements. When I started working, every day is a busy day. In short, I have no time for big celebrations. But I will not be a hypocrite by saying I don't want that kind of birthday celebrations. As a hopeless dreamer, I dream that on my birthday, people will surprise me, and give me one hell of a celebration. I want a LEGENDARY BIRTHDAY. That never happens. So I accept the reality that it is better to keep everything simple.

Still, setting up a simple birthday feast can be complicated. For weeks, I've been giving hints to my family that I want to celebrate that day outside with a simple lunch or merienda. As the said day came near, no one was conforming whether they will go or not. The only person who will sure go is my mom. Pretty lame, right? So two days before that, I decided to celebrate it at home with a simple dinner. I was irritated that they were uncooperative, but I wouldn't want something like that to ruin that day for me. I gave my mom some money for spaghetti and whatever they like. Then me and my friends would just drink the night away until the day of my birthday comes.

Despite the irritation, the day turned out well. No big celebration.No balloons or whatnots, but I feel contented. I guess when you stopped worrying about thing, everything will fall into their proper places. We ate dinner, and I called my friends from some drinks. My kopi gave me a cake since he knew that I will not buy one. Just  seeing him definitely makes everything alright.

On the morning of mt birthday, he gave me a present: a Starbucks tumbler. I've been complaining about my tumbler for the past few days. I think I mentioned it to him, and he decided to give me one to solve my worries. That really means he is listening to me, even the craziest and lamest stuff that I say. On the afternoon, we went to the small for some alone-couples time and attended the Holy Mass. I really enjoyed it. But we were immediately called home because some of my friends were inviting us for drinks.

All in all, it was good. It was not legendary, but it was peaceful and simple, which I like. Maybe the lesson that I learned for this birthday is simplicity. Big celebrations are fun, but the small and simple ones are somewhat memorable.

Here are some pics:

The Cake from my kopi
My pamangkins excited to blow the candle of my cake.
Kopi's Starbucks gift
The tumbler....totally love it!

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