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My V-Day: The search for the perfect cupcake
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 posted at 2/19/2013 09:04:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Hey there!

Well, I know that V-Day is already passed and gone, but it will not stop me to tell my tale! I've been awfully busy these last few days. Thanks to work and sidelines who keeps me preoccupied from Friday to weekends. Hell! But it did not stop me for giving my lovey a perfect V-Day gift.

But it was not an easy task. I've been thinking of what to give him two weeks before the said date. I was thinking of giving him a watch, a shirt, or socks. Pretty lame, I know. A week before Valentines, I decided to give him cuppies with a message, "I love my kopi." My plan was to let the store deliver it to his workplace to surprise him.

Alas! This was not easy. I contacted several cupcake and bakery stores who are making customized cupcakes. But most of them decline because they are packed for Feb 14 and some don't deliver on our place here in Taguig. At the same time, I texted his workmate to ask whether their office accepts delivery and will he received it the same time. But chaos really makes it hard,  I did not understand a thing she said. From there, I decided that the cuppies will be delivered to his house - which is several steps away from mine.

Now that the place of delivery was settled, the only problem was to find a cupcake store who makes customized cuppies and delivered it at my place. Maybe the heavens heed my call. One online store that I contacted replied with my inquiry. I replied back about what I want. She (or he?) agreed to make and deliver the cupcake to his house, even though we lived in opposite places. I told her that I will deposit the money come Monday.

But I got swamped with work, and the money that I'm expecting from my other work did not arrive. I was devastated. With the money I have, I went to PLAN B - buy a cake from Goldi or Red Ribbon and give it to him personally.

Still, my heart yearns for the personalized cuppies. I just pray that it will still push through! I think when faith comes in, everything falls into their proper places. I decided to go with it, and the answers came. Payday came early, and I was able to pay for the cupcakes. Worry, be gone!

Well, he also have some surprises on his sleeves. He picked me up at work, and gave me a rose and a box of chocolates. We had an early Valentine lunch and went home. Still, I'm worried about the cuppies. He was going to work by 2pm, and the cuppies had not arrived yet. The owner was asking the exact place through text, but my phone was one silent mode so I did not the beep. Thankfully, he remember it.

30 minutes after, the cuppies arrived. I was so excited to see his reaction. He was happy! But it turns out that he knew it all along! He showed my my text message. The message was supposedly sent to a cupcake store, but I sent it to him instead. Talk about spoilers! But I'm still glad that he was happy to received it! From this, I learned that it is not bad to make an extra effort to make some you love happy. It will make you happy too!

Anyway, I'm wishing everyone a hearts day, every day. 

Here are the cuppies!
Rose and chocolate! Such a sweet guy!