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March 4: Day 1 of the P 100 Challenge.
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 posted at 3/05/2013 07:22:00 AM ♥ 1 comments

Okay, so yesterday was the first day of my P100 Challenge. To give you a small recap, my dear readers, I challenged myself to spend only a hundred bucks each in lieu of my money-saving commitment. I shall blog and write an update if necessary to show my commitment to this endeavor.

Well, for Day 1, I think I did just fine. But I did not get out unscathed. As I said, the universe has weird sense of humor when it learned that I have money on my ATM - obstacles that separates me from my money.

So here's how Day 1 goes:

After I pledged and declared my dedication to this cause, the collector of water bill stopped by our house. Of course, not to pay some friendly visit, but to ask whether we paid our bills yet. I was not aware of that, but I can sense that some dinero will be cashed out from my wallet. Okay, I should have pretended not to hear it or sleep my way through. But my heart bled for my mother who will sure make an extra effort to pay it. I don't want her to burden it alone. With a heavy heart, I let out a thousand bucks to pay for it. Well, my consolation was, my conscience will not bugged me for the rest of my life.

After that, I went into slumped, thinking that life is unfair. Well, to those who do not know me, this is me. I always blame life for everything bad that happens.After two hours of whining, I resolved that I would get hold of my money tightly.

Everything went out just fine before 5pm. I ate my "evening breakfast", packed my lunch, and prepare for work. Now the fun part started. I was running late. I asked my mom if I could borrow a P40 since I don't have loose changed for the tryk fare and the bus. When I got to the terminal, there is no Bus B or C, the two buses that would take me straight to Ayala. Again, with a heavy heart, I got to Bus A, with additional P10 for my transportation fare.

I made a quick stop to Mini Stop and bought a tea and two pack of biscuits. I swore to myself that it would be the last time for this day that I will buy food. But after a few hours, my TL (Team Leader) told me that we will be having an "evening lunch" meeting to discuss a new protocol. I groaned in frustration. It seemed like that the universe was ganging up on me. If you think that the company will shoulder our food expenses, you are definitely wrong - not our company, at least. But I will talk about that on some other time and some other post. " Sayang!"(What a waste!) I told myself. But I just let it go. It seemed that everything was not going according to plan.

Now, I believe that every cloud has a silver lining. Today is me and my kopi's 50th monthsary. Actually, I'm not expecting to see him since our schedule is totally parallel to each other. We maybe destined for each other, but our schedules are clearly not. But as sweet as he is, he picked me up at work and treat me for an early breakfast. I thought that I would break my pledge totally and go way out of my budget. But thanks to him and his early treat, I did not. Well, not that much, >.< And from the terminal, I walked home, saving me P 8.00 tryk fare!

Lesson learned: Not everything will go according to plan. There should always be contingencies.

So anyway, here is the breakdown of my expenses:

Transportation allowance: P54
Food allowance: P88
Total expenses: P 142

Cash on hand: P140

Exceed: P2.00

Well, I'm just warming up. Wish me luck.