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Saturday, March 16, 2013 posted at 3/16/2013 09:43:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Hey guys! Sorry for being an indolent blogger, but I will try to make it up.

P 100 Challenge

Okay, my P 100 Challenge got out of hand. I was devastated to say the least. With my situation, I think I need a much better financial plan. Budgeting is definitely my cup of tea. I think I need to enlist the help of someone before I go to a budgeting battle.  But despite the early defeat, I learned a lot of thing such as challenges that constantly comes my way.   Here are some of the challenges and the solution I think fits the problem:

1. Transportation. - With the fare constantly changing, it was getting harder to budget my transportation allowance. There are times that I need to take an extra ride just to get to work on time, especially during Fridays when traffic is a MONSTER.

Solution: Go to work earlier to avoid the traffic hassle and the extra ride. And to save some more penny walk, walk, walk.

2. Food. - Yes, those delicious donuts and sumptuous chicken got me drain. And I think the hardest challenge in this department is the lack of affordable food chains around area. And yes, I have packed lunch, but there are times that I left it at home or there is no cooked food yet. And yes, I did not resist the temptation of taking a quick stop on Mini Stop for some munchies.

Solution: I stop being lazy and cook. And I think I would buy snacks in bulk to avoid making a quick stop to a 24-hour grocer and buy senseless food.

3. Misc. - Okay, I'm only human. When I see something I like, the impulse to make it mine. It's just little things but I know that it still cost me some.

Solution: This is hard, but I need to fight my own battles to win this one. My solution? Keep enough moolah on my wallet. Leave the extras to prevent excessive spending.

So there. As I write this one, I realized that I should not call this endeavor as the P 100 Challenge, instead, it should be "Dont-separate-me-from-my-money Challenge!"

Word of the day

I'm taking advantage of my daily use of Internet. I will try to post one word to keep up with my vocabulary. And I will add some meme pics to make it more fun. To start with, here is the first word:

piste (peest)

 n. 1: a trail, especially a downhill ski trail. 
     2: the area used for fencing.

"I will go to the piste tomorrow for a ski adventure."


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