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We survive Zark's!
Monday, February 4, 2013 posted at 2/04/2013 12:18:00 AM ♥ 2 comments

For our Sunday, me and my kopi decided to go out and get some fresh air! After a grueling week of work, we deserve some break! We've been planning to go to Zark's for quite sometime now. I encountered Zark's when good friend, Ate Peps invited for me and AJ  for a day out to Zark's Paranaque. Zark's claim to fame was their challenge burgers "Jawbreaker" and "Tombstone." The challenge is, if you finish this burger in 5 or ten minutes, you will get a shirt, a photo in the hall of fame and you will that burger for FREE! 

Now that we got some time, we decided to go. Since Paranaque is kinda far from home, we opted the La Salle Taft Branch, which is 45 minutes away from us. The La Salle Taft branch is kinda different from the Paranaque spot - the former looks a little seedy and cramp, while the latter is big, bright and well-lit. Once we got in, we were greeted by the smell of cooking burger patties. I feel like I'm in Spongebob's world and dining on Krabby Patty. I half-expect to see Mr. Krabs inside. We found a sit and call for our orders. My kopi ordered the "Jawbreaker" and I opted for a Minor League burger. By the way, the burgers here are categorized into two - the Major League, which can cost from Php 180-Php 350, and the Minor League with prices from Php 120-Php150.

We immediately wolfed down our burgers the moment is was served to us. And I can say that it was heavenly! I love the taste of the patty which is a little spicy. My man is so busy munching his big burger, he didn't even notice that I'm struggling to finish mine. I told me not to take the challenge so he can fully enjoy the food. He said that this is his "practice burger", and he'll definitely comeback to Zark's to take the challenge. Well, who am I to stop him! 

All in all, we had fun and our stomachs were happy to house those burgers! Well, I will comeback to Zark's too - not to take the challenge, but watch my man to succeed on his future goal!

My Minor League burger


Posing while eating 
The last piece!
Our empty plate!
 Grey Alert! : I'm on the third book of Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. So far, so good.

Till then!

Ayoy xo

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