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For us who burn the midnight oil.
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 posted at 1/09/2013 08:11:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

I must admit that working on a night shift or graveyard shift can be a little tedious. Although I use to stay late at night before this job, I was just watching TV or surfing the net so I think it didn't count. I took me almost a month before I get the hang of it. And by now, I must say that I'm a semi-pro on the night shift department.

But the bad news is, your body is not adopting well to this time-drastic change. So for us who are always awake in the wee of hours to work, I compile some tips.

1. Opt for a more steady rotations. - A stable and more permanent schedule will stabilize your body and create a pattern that will help you cope with your new schedule.

2. Sleep when you can.  - Napping is one of my favorite part of the work. And I think that should not be banned. Napping or power nap as we call it can refresh your mind and eyes. I remember a friend told me that a 15 minutes nap can keep you awake for 15 minutes.

3. Energy drink is a NO-NO. - I know how tempting it is to get a power drink to keep you up all day. Not to mar a product reputation, but it doesn't work for me. I tried this a couple of times. I feel really awake but my mind and my heart are racing. I feel like a zombie until the potent effect of the energy drink mellowed down. For a more natural alternative, drink tea, coffee or lots of water.

4. Make your room sleeping-friendly. - For me bright lights and annoying sounds are night shift workers two major enemies. Try to block the bright sun by using dark-colored curtains, and minimize the sound thru ear plugs and white noise machine.

5. Eating on time. - Studies indicate that a change in body schedule and sleep deprivation can affect your eating habits and metabolism. In my case, I tend to eat more and gain a little weight. Having a proper eating schedule can help you to keep track of your weight and keep your energized all night. Eat before going to work and munch your snack every two to three hours during the shift to keep you perk up.

Well, that's it for know. To know more about these pointers, you can check out this site: 5 Health Tips for Night Shift Workers.

Good night....er morning.