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Brow Business.
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 posted at 1/08/2013 08:45:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Believe it or not, I'm blessed (or cursed) with a bushy brow. It is thick, looks unibrow since the two meets in the middle, and kinda have its own life. I remember one of my favorite writer, Jessica Zafra said that brows can be an alternative to speech - raised left brow to give off the bitchy "what-the-hell" look; brow meet in the middle to denote anger; and raised both brow to acknowledge an acquaintance. Well I can all of them and I think I can do away speaking with my brows.

Back to my brow. Well, despite the thickness of my brows they look kinda good. Thanks to my parents' genes, they have these cool arch which makes me look like a mean girl on a telenovela. I tried to maintain it by plucking the excess and stray hair brows and tried to make sense of the shape. When I say maintain, I pluck it every time I have a chance or when I remember doing it. So I went on two whole weeks looking like something witch on the verge of cursing someone.

To those who are having some brow dilemma, Eliza Petrescu, an eye brow specialist and shaped eye-brows of big wigs and celebrities like Oprah and J-Lo, offer some advise to make your brows look perfect and polished. (The Dos and Don’ts of Eyebrow Care)

1. Go Pro. - Yes. do-it-yourself is fun. But there is a high chance that you will make a mistake or do it wrong. Let the professional handle the work.They know what to do and how to do it. Like a fine piece of architecture, your brow needs some accuracy and precision. Don't let your hands do the work

2. Try some waxing. - Waxing is not just for your down-there thing. Your brows can benefit as well too. You can do some waxing as your main eye brow care and maintain it with tweezer. But be sure to get back on rule no. 1 - let an expert do it. Also, she recommended to stay away from waxing for 6 months if you experience some burning on the skin. Soothe those burns using creams with extract of Calendula, from marigold flower which ease the burning sensation. White plain yogurt can also do the trick.

3. No-no to threading.  - Eliza added that you should not thread your brows or do some permanent hair removal. In time, you might change preference and you can never undo your brow treatment.

4. Get the right tools. - If you really are into brow care DIY, be sure you have the right set of tools to do it.  An eye brow pencil, a brush and a gel are the main brow care whatsis. But be sure to have some tweezers as support.

5. Fill in the blanks. - Whether you have a bushy brow like me, or a perfectly chiseled one like Gwen Stefani, you still need to fill it using a brow pencil to make it appear fuller. Skinny brow pencils can be used to create a nice frame on the brows

6. Natural is always the way to go. - One good advice Eliza gave is to stay true to your brows shape. Every brow is unique. And yes, doing less is more.

Well, that's it. If your want more eye brow care, you check out this site: 5 ways to get great eyebrows.

Now excuse me, I have some brow shaping to do. :D