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Feelings in numerical sequence
Monday, June 11, 2012 posted at 6/11/2012 10:11:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

It will be a month in the 17th since I got back on my feet again. There were a lot of feelings mixed inside of me, I have to sort it in numerical sequence. Here's some of the things I was able to sort out:

1. Exhausted - I'm never used to going to work at 8pm and going home at 8am. That is something new for me. I have to sleep while the rest of the world in awake and I have to be awake when all people in the eastern hemisphere is asleep. Up to now, my body clock doesn't know when to get up and when to sleep. My body clock is bipolar.

2. Information is evolving and contradicting - there are a lot of information in the web today and it would take me more than a year to size them up. With all these know hows and how to's, you have to know what to use and what to debunk. But learning is so fun, I was able to know how to clean my roof gutters and now, I know the importance of ISO Registration. Beat that Zuckerberg.

3. Sweets will not help you to stay awake - I know. I'm a victim. I used to believe that sweet chows would let me stay long in the "puyatan" game. The opposite happens. My system crushed after midnight. One of my big boss advice us to eat nuts and drink ice teas instead of coffee and chocolates. But, I think I was able to manage being awake by drinking tons of water.

4. Competition everywhere - True. Very true. People everywhere will always try to excel one another to prove their worth. I have to outdone my co-work to avoid a weekly payment for his lunch.

5. Having your own lunch or "baon" never goes out of style - True. I thought that I'm over my elementary days when my mother gave my packed lunch every single day. Now, she still give my midnight lunch which is sweet and very practical. I love saving every penny for my future travels.

That its for now. Need to sleep. No wait. I want to watch The Soup.