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Green Living Ideas for your Space.
Thursday, May 28, 2015 posted at 5/28/2015 10:22:00 PM ♥ 1 comments

Summer in the Philippine is certainly scorching hot, especially this year. Not a single that I go outside not feel the heat of summer. It always feels like I'm being burned to death by the sun, and no shade or roof can ever protect me from the mind-melting heat of summer.

River beds getting dried up, plants and crops dying and wither, and people sweating and getting annoyed, the weather sure is not giving us a cold break. And while I'm writing this article, another country in another part of the world is suffering from immense heat wave. I actually feel that summer in the Philippines is the worst but seeing India heat wave situation, I must say that we are living in Arctic Circle.

Based on the reports I read, the weather in India is so hot it even melted road asphalt and the temperature reach a stunning and frightening 117 degrees Fahrenheit. And the roads are not the only ones suffering the beating, casualties caused by heat stroke is almost 800. 

Photos from Hindustan Times
It is safe (or not?) to say that what's happening is caused by climate change. Soon enough after the heat goes down, we will take the brunt of unforgiving storms and typhoons,

But as cliche as it may seem, I still believe that change starts from you. So I did some simple research on how we can start being good to Mother Nature and  saved some $$$ in the process - and it starts in our home,

This infographic from Fort Global Condo can give you an idea on how to start making your place greener.There are condos in BGC  who already started with the green revolution. And I think it is time for you to start it in your own homes.

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