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Halloween Trick or Treat: Wednesday Addams Makes Growing Up Sounds Easy
Sunday, November 3, 2013 posted at 11/03/2013 07:55:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Halloween is almost done. Actually, we don't have Halloween here in the Philippines. I mean, it is not part of our tradition. What we have here is All Saints Day and All Souls Day, well for that's it for most Catholics anyway. We visit the graves of our departed relatives and pray for the repose of their souls. Sadly, I wasn't able to visit because of work. You know, we have to work to make a living even if its holidays or Halloween. I just hope that my gramps understand (Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!)

Anyway, I'm kinda surprise when I heard a group of children here in our area were having a trick or treat activity. I guess they want to have a taste of Western Halloween.

But if children here are trying to replicate the culture of the Western region, our favorite odd, scary girl want to have a taste of normal life. Yes, Wednesday Addams is finally a woman and want to experience the normal life in Hollywood. Now, Wednesday Addams is my favorite character. Her no-shit approach since she was a kid is admirable. Her methods are a little extreme, but hey, we do what we have to do!

Since the series and the movie ended, I haven't seen another Addams Family show. And I'm so glad that someone got the chutzpah to relive it again. The Adult Wednesday Addams is an internet series written and starred by Melissa Hunter and directed by Mike Bernstein. Most of the videos are two to three minutes long, but the shortness of time didn't hinder the presentation of humor. They released the video every Wednesday (Thursday on this part of the world). I'm definitely following it. As of now, they released a total of six videos detailing how Wednesday Addams cope up in the glittery world of Hollywood.

As my Halloween treat, I'm gonna share the first episode.

On their maiden episode, Wednesday Addams moved out of the Addams' Manor. Her first agenda: to find a place to live. She was able to find one and met her future roommates. Here is how the scenario played out.

Glad to see that Wednesday is trying out the outside world.

I promise to share some of the vids in the coming days! I hope you share my excitement!