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Late Post: Run-With-The-Zombies Day at Outbreak Manila.
Sunday, October 27, 2013 posted at 10/27/2013 06:01:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

The Halloween season is nearing, and what better way to have an early celebration? It is to go break out with the zombies! Last October 19, me, my kopi and my former office-mates joined the eccentric fun run Outbreak Manila. It is not an ordinary fun run though, it is a fun run where you have to run away from the zombie, protect your "life", and decide which route will save you.

It is just this month that I decided to push through with my "Balik Alindog Program." I think having a new work sched made me decide to go through with it again. And the best way to start it again is through an action-packed fun run.

Outbreak has been going on for years, and my former office-mates and lovebird Honey and Noy were veterans of these event. They joined some Outbreak mission way back, so they have a general idea of the things to come. As for the rest of us, we would be relying on our instincts to get out alive. Anyway, this Outbreak is composed of two missions: the Narrows and the Adarna Iniative. In the Narrows, runners will have to find the right route to the bus to get to a safe place. But there are obstacles on the way and there are some people that we will encounter who will either save us or put us in danger. The Adarna Initiative Mission, on the other hand, participants will have to find a cure made by Dr.Alfonso Adarna. But there will be also obstacles along the way. We chose the Narrows mission because it was the one mission that fits our schedule.

My kopi  and I arrived quite late so we missed the cam whoring moments. But I don't care; I just want to have a good run. The event started out pretty late. I expected that will be running by 10 pm which was supposedly the schedule for the first wave. And you cannot believe the number of participants who joined. There were tons of people who were waiting to be chased by the zombies. Upon registration, we were given a dog-like leash the contained three red, obvious tags which are our "lives." We have to protect this at all cost or else we will be considered infected.
On the board
In the cage

Having fun before the race
Faye and the Zombie car

Kopi, me, and the zombie car
Zombies taking vitamins
Noy, Honey, and the zombie car

The Outbreak boys
Jom getting ready for the race

When we were called for the briefing, our group started to plot our game-plan. We decided to stick together no matter what. But as we were nearing the entrance gate, we saw the group before us scattered from being chased by the undead, so we changed strategy and decided to meet at a certain zombie-free point.

When it was our time to run, I feel excited.Adrenalin started to rush. My kopi and I said that we will stay together no matter what. But when the actual run started, we parted ways for a while. I think it is harder to run with a partner since the zombies were quite persistent on chasing us. I can feel the excitement as we were running. And I think those "Block 1-2-3" at"Habulan" games paid off. I was able to pass the first stretch without a scratch and with complete "lives."

Unfortunately for some of my teammates, they tumbled and fell on the first stretch. Some of them sustained some cuts. We we arrived at the first point, I saw a lot of the participant seeking medical help. Aside from those who incurred injuries, there were some who were about to pass out. Indeed, this run is a test of agility and stamina. We rested for while and waited for the others to get medical attention.

Xerlyn did not get out unscathed
Taking a break after the first stretch
The NPC giving us some instructions
Please don't look at our bellies! Haha

The second point was to test our decision-making abilities. The NPC (I don't know what it stands for) said that we can go in two routes - one is to go to an area which may or may not have zombies to deliver a message to his comrade. or go to a much longer but secure route. We tried the first one, but as Noy and the others approach the areas, he noticed something lurking on the ground which turned out to be zombies. Again, changed of plans, we went to the second one.

I think we were already in the middle of the race when we got to the mall. Again, our decision-making abilities were tested as we questioned ourselves who we will trust, the crazy men in fatigue uniforms or the people who are immaculately clean and wearing orange overalls.

Well, guess what path we chose. Yes, those people who are clean and suspicious. But I think we let our judgment get the best of us. It turns out the that orange people led us to our doom. We were instructed to go to the delivery area and we will be safe. But again, it was a wrong decision as we were led to the lab of Dr. Alfonso Adarna and we became subjects for his experiment. And the race ended there.

Although we think that the race was cut abruptly because of the wrong decision. We still had loads of fun! It is not everyday that you are chased by a zombie. And we got some stuff like shirts, loot bags, and dog tags to remember the race that we had. And this race set me to the fitness course. Since then, I make it a point to jog and burn some fats.

Outbreak Manila will be having another event on the 16th of November. Another encore for Adarna Initiative but quite different from the first mission. From what I read, there will be more obstacles, longer routes, and more exciting stuff and giveaways. I'm thinking of joining again, but I think I'm gonna wait for next year. I still have to practice my agility and build my stamina. But I'm definitely going next year!

The misleading orange people
Oh, I should have listened to you!
Photo op in the middle of the race.
After the race.
Proud of our shirts!
Honey with the zombie hordes
Kopi, the zombie couple, and me.
Photos courtesy of Albert "Noy" Navarette.

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