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Shoot Straight: Target Shooting @ Commander Shooting Range.
Saturday, October 12, 2013 posted at 10/12/2013 10:11:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

It's been raining cats and dogs these past few days and quite a bummer that I can't go around and have some fun. Plus, my back badly needs a massage. So, while I wait for that relief, I will update you guys about what I had been doing in the past week. Aside from work, I tried to squeeze in some fun time. I found a new hobby that I would like to pursue - target shooting.

Actually, I've been wanting to do this for a long time. Good thing my fun-loving former workmates are quite adventurous. Their enthusiasm to do new things is very appealing. Anyway, they were the ones who persuade me to come with them to a target shooting. They found a promo online and they wanted to grab this deal. I weigh in the situation. Pros - I get the chance to hold a gun, shoot and have some fun; Cons - nothing. So, I told them that I will come.

But it took us a month before we can give it a go. One, we were still short on cash. Two, our conflicting schedule got in the way. But when we were able to resolve both dilemmas, we went on to get some shooting done.

The place is called Commander Shooting. It is situated in Murphy, Cubao, in the middle of a residential area. Odd that a firing range place be built in the middle of residential area. But I think the residents are quite okay with it.

The place is like what I expect: smell like gun powder. But that only fueled our excitement. WE WANT A GUN AND WE WANT TO SHOOT. But firsts thing first. We need to fill-up the application/membership form and be brief on the safety procedures inside. First, wearing the glasses and headphones (headphones) is a must. Unless you want to go deaf because of the gunshots. Second, you should handle your firearms properly. Always point it on the firing range and not on your companion. The same goes if you are going to transfer the gun to another cubicle. Also, make sure that the gun is not loaded.

They also taught us the properly way of loading bullets in the magazine, the proper stance, and proper way of firing. We were given three 9mm and one 45mm guns. The uninitiated would be overwhelmed at first. There were times when we forget the rules and safety measures, and our aim was quite bad. But as we went on, we were able to get the hang of it. Our aim became quite good and we were able to hit the critical spots.

I don't really know how much the price since we got it through a deal. But for a 9mm bullet costs Php 9.00 and for the 45mm, it's Php 10.00. The paper that would be used for target shooting costs Php 12.00. We realized that this hobby is quite expensive, but we vow to do it again on December. We might even try the shotgun!

So for you people out there who are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, here is the chance!

Membership forms

Getting ready

Big read instructions

Scared cats

9mm ammo

45mm ammo

Whoever said that I cannot shoot straight is dead wrong!

With our instructor

The Death Squad

Photos Courtesy of Sister Honey Garcia.

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