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Art and Zen
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 posted at 7/24/2013 09:46:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

Konbanwa Minasan!

It is another day at work and yes, we're still having some down time. I thought I would be swamped with work since we were advised yestershift (yesterday's shift) that we are in for a sh*t hole since all of our campaigns will be coming in today. But I think I expected too much. We have sooo little work to do, I was still able to review my Kana characters and read some articles. But I know that the "real work" would come soon!  >.<

Anyway, with lots of time in our hands, my colleagues and I exchanged funny and non-sense sites.My office mate Jom sent me this link: Zenpencils.com. The site features quotes from famous people with the art/drawing interpretation done by the owner. It sort of Pictograph were you can related the text to the pictures.

Some of the big names were Robert Frost, Carl Sagan and Mark Twain. I love the perspective he/she gave to the words. And there is also a few facts written about the author which is very informative. I think he is also selling prints for $ 15.00 - $ 17.00. They also have other stuff like phone cases, throw pillows, apparels, etc. Best of all, you can submit a quote and they will turn it into a Zenpencil cartoon! Awesome, right?

But I think I would do my own thing and make a canvass out of my own words. *-*

Ja mata!