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Wednesday, May 8, 2013 posted at 5/08/2013 08:35:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

Do you have those days when:

1.       You feel like punching the wall for no reason?
2.       Easily angered or irritated by the people around you?
3.       Emotionally charged?
4.       Feeling down and low for no apparent reason?
5.       Feel that you are bombarded by problems?

In my case, I call it a BAD DAY. I usually feel it once or twice a month. Actually, I always expected it to come. It is sort of expecting the unexpected so the blow would not be as bad as I thought. I have several ways of coping with my bad days, and one of those is crying. Yes, the old fashion whining and tears falling ease my mind and soul. Whenever I feel alone, I cry. When I feel anger surfacing from the deep chasms of my ID, I cry. Even when I’m watching a sappy movie or documentary or listening to a mellow tune, tears will start streaming from my eyes to my cheeks.

Nowadays, crying is viewed as a sign of weakness, especially if you are an adult. People around you will consider you as a crybaby, or like the Brits says, “a big girl’s blouse.” But I came across an article on PsychologyToday.com titled, Crying Older Adults by Dr. Mario Garrett.

Dr.Garret regarded the act of crying as a sign of relief and can be beneficial in some instances, depending on your psychological makeup and condition. A study conducted by Lauren Bylsma of University of Pittsburgh stated that 4000 men and women in more than 30 countries said that they feel oddly relieved and relaxed after having a good cry. But is also depends on the situation. Crying can have a negative effect when you watched a sad feel and it made you feel worse. 

Another interesting find of this study is people with alexithymia –the lack of understanding of emotions – cry less but feel less positive than the average person who cries.

Encouraged by this study, I also researched some articles that pertain to crying and its advantages. I found another article on NetDoctor.co.uk that tackles the benefits of crying. It also discussed the three types of tears which are the emotional/stress-related tears, basal tears, eye watering. Emotional/stress-related tears contain natural painkillers which released when we are under stress. Basal tears, on the other hand, are a natural “moisturizers” for our eyes. Eye watering tears, also known as reflex tears, functions when our eyes are under attack by outside irritants.

Mainly, this article listed down the positive benefits of crying:

1.       Stress release. When we’re upset and stressed, chemicals are building up inside our body. Crying can help reduce and balance these chemicals. It washed the chemicals related to stress and release the tension.

2.       Dealing with sorrow. Psychologically, crying can lift our mood and help us deal with a painful situation. And crying is an act of catharsis or cleansing to let out the negative and traumatic emotions,

3.       Too much tears is not good. Too much crying can be a sign of depression and other mental illness. It also states that crying is not for everyone. Those who suffer mood disorders feel more low and depressed after crying.

Well, what I learned from these articles is it is not bad to have a good cry sometimes. It will not make you less of a human. And crying is a form of expression – expression of fear, guilty, and sorrow which will lead to you to articulate your emotions better to other people.