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Monday, January 28, 2013 posted at 1/28/2013 01:12:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

Megamall situation (photo from Yahoo! News)
I'm a little out of the weather today. I feel nauseous, a little frustrated and depressed. A lot of thing are going around. Malls here in Manila were being robbed, career/success detours and some relationship slump. I'm actually in a rough patch. I don't want to look at my FB page because I feel envy seeping into my veins when I read happy notes. Definitely not good for a Monday.

Robert de Niro as Travis
When I have a problem, I sleep it off. I'm like Robert De Niro's character Travis in the movie, Taxi Driver who has narcolepsy. But unlike him who couldn't sleep, mine is wanting to sleep in face of a problem. When I wake up, I feel refresh and my mind's wheel is working again.

At times, I just want to have that conversation Travis had with himself while looking at mirror. But instead of saying, "Are you talking to me?", I would like to say, "What are you doing?! Get up! Move!"

To some who read my journals, I always sound positive and optimistic. But as a human being, I think I'm allowed to be lonely, hurt and be in that dark pit for once in a while. And I believe on what people say that there is rainbow after the rain. I just hope that the rainbow comes in a form of a happiness and contentment.

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