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Pseudo Guestlist
Sunday, January 27, 2013 posted at 1/27/2013 03:10:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

The most grudging questions for couples and wedding planners - who to invite?

Now that my kopi and I are planning to tie the knot, the guest list must be done and decided as early as possible. I believe in the principle of planning early. Planning early eliminates the hassles of cramming, and I hate cramming. With that, I decided to make a pseudo guest list. I know it is still early  for that, but I'm not doing anything, so there.

We are planning to invite a hundred people or less, and we want to stick to that. I heard from someone that making guest lists can be a pain.Guests keeps adding up and the budget soar to roof. But as humans, we learn - I learn. 

I search the net for some tips, and came across this site, http://wedding.theknot.com/. This site gives useful tips from wedding planning up to the honeymoon. In their article Guest List: How to Make Your Wedding Guest List, they shared some pointers on creating the list that will fit your budget.

1. Hush-hush. - In other words, don't announce. When you tell the whole that world that you are getting married, people will have expectations and you will have no choice to invite them. That will become a problem soon. Keep everything in your inner circle - meaning your relatives and close friends. And advice them to keep quiet so the word will not spread.

2. Divide and be equal. - Divide the seats between you and your fiance. Since we are planning to invite a hundred, will have fifty seats each to fill. We have common some common friends so we will have to talk about that. Sit down with your beloved and talk about it.

3. No to bullies! - Bullies exist, not only in schools but on wedding preps too, in the form of your mother an in-laws. They will not hurt you physically, but they will surely hurt your budget with all the request for additional guest. I say, STICK TO THE PLAN! Explain that you are on a tight budget and you are keeping the numbers to minimum.

4. Organize and use your PC. - There is a reason why computers and Internet are invented. For brides-to-be, that is to plan you guest list. List down all the possible attendees to invite. It will help you to sort out the guests and lessen the possibility of forgetting someone important. You can use Microsoft Excel to list down everyone. There are wedding sites who offers  free guest list manager to help you on your list. (e.i. Guest List Manager).

5. The A and B List. - Create a primary and secondary list. The primary being the 1st list that you will likely to invite. And the B for the back-up. There are situations were you need to fill out some vacant sits. You can pull some from your B-list. Just don't show the lists to people or they might feel that they are less important.

6. Full name is a must. - The reason behind this is to prevent your attendees to invite other people (like their cousins you don't know well) to your wedding. And don't forget to include the response cards so you will know the final tally.

7. Coworker rules. - While I don't fully agree with this tip, I decided to include this for some brides who have to deal with it. When you invite one coworker, you have to invite the whole team. Or to minimize the guests, you can just invite your boss. Or not invite anyone at all. That depends. For me, I decided to invite a few whom I feel have a real connection with.

8. Create a cutting criteria. - The criteria will help you to cut or eliminate people from the list when you are on a tight spot. Think of your own criteria of people who will likely not make it on your list. 

Well, that's it! My pseudo guest list is all done. My kopi will have to fill his share of guests in the coming days.

UPDATE: We already came up with the plan to have some money for the wedding. Pray that it will pull through! Wish us luck!