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My eyes and their glass friend.
Monday, September 17, 2012 posted at 9/17/2012 01:13:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

My eyes had an awful week. For 7 days or so, it endured my desktop's bright rays, my room's poor lighting, and the outside world's free radicals that often makes my eyes cry. I have to wait for a week to get a new one because I'm waiting for my pay.

Well, yesterday I went to the eye store to pick a new one. Honestly, I had a hard time choosing since i want to pick a frame that suits my taste (I want a nerdy-looking, red frame), and will not break the bank. Also, I'm surprised that my eyes went from 100  to 250. Awful but true. Back then, I belong to a 20-20 vision group. But with constant exposure to computers and reading on moving vehicles, my eye sight deteriorated. I did not noticed that until I went to our company's health fair, and found out that my eye sight is not what it used to be. I remember the time when I had to purchase one. I felt a little uncomfortable since I'm not used to it. But as time flies, i get used to wearing them, even when I'm on the road. 

Sadly, I lost that one last week. I had a habit of forgetting things (signs of old age or what? hey! I'm only 26!), even my phone. I thought I just misplaced it around that house. I went to work and asked my mother to look for my eye glass. But all efforts were all in vain. We turn the house upside-down, and my glasses were nowhere to be found. I resigned on the fact that me and my glasses are on a different dimensions.

So there, a week of no glasses. Crying while doing an intense work. I can almost here my eyes saying that I don't love them. But I console them by getting enough sleep, and told them they only have few more days to endure the situation (Yes, I have a habit of talking to my body parts, especially when they are aching from pain).

Choosing for the second time it much harder than the first time. I was attached to my former eye glass I keep looking for the same frame, even though I wanted to have the red nerd glass . But I cannot see a similar frame so I settle for what's available. I realized I need it pronto for work, and prevent my eyes from suffering more.

It took me two hours to choose a frame. My first choice was a Ray Ban frame, but with the price, I immediately changed my mind. I keep looking for a red one, but no such luck. I pick a black one that it a little bigger than my previous frame. The lady in the store told me that I still have to wait for another day to get it.

And now, I have my glasses now. It will take some getting used to, but I think my eyes miss their glass friend. I breathe a sigh of relief now that I'm typing this post with my glasses on . :)

My new eye glass
Me, my eyes, and their glass friend.