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Journal Juju: Soul on the Roof and everywhere else.
Saturday, May 12, 2012 posted at 5/12/2012 11:11:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

I just came upon the concept of Frisbeetarianism today. Frisbeetarianism believes that when you die, your soul will get stuck to the roof and will stay there forever. There is a little information about these theory created by George Carlin. When I hit the net, I found a little info about George Carlin in Wikipedia. As wiki said, Carlin was known for his black humor and political views. A failed disc jockey who became a thespian and a social activist,  Carlin focused his life in comedy but was ousted due to his beard and drab appearance. He used this appearance as a spring board for his comeback. But again, Carlin was take a fall for his dark humor and for using the seven dirty words that should not be used in television at that time (70's). The controversy made Carlin popular among American household but for unknown reason, Carlin lay low on his career and appeared on several stand ups but he continued his pursuits on being the satirist of religion and particular concepts of what will happen if we die, thus, the concept of Frisbetarianism. 

The concept make me of think of things I will do if my soul get stuck on the roof. Sadly, I can only think of a few. One is to look down and second is to watch people from above. It is kinda limited for someone like me who loves to move around. So, if I will be adherent to make another belief, here are the list of place where I want my soul to be stuck in case:

1. The kitchen - anyone will be more than happy to get stuck on a place where there is abundance of food. Everyday of your spirit life, you will see food and people eating but I might get crazy with cravings and became more insane as will not have the chance to eat the food

2. The library - my favorite place. Reading all the books you want and I see the disadvantage here as I will not be able to leaf through the pages and it will make me more sad.

3. The mall - the place every girl wants to be. I will be able to try on clothes but the cons here is no one will be able to see it

4. You ex's place - the ultimate revenge. You will know his/her secrets. You will see what he/she do in his most intimate moments and tell yourself that you were right to dump him. But then again, I don't want to see my ex in his gross moments for a very long period of time.

5. Gov't official's offices - you know the secrets, you know the trail and you have the evidence to keep your sleazy public figures out of their rotten seat but sad to say, they will still be re-elected. Only in the Philippines.

Wow, I can still think of places to get stuck but I still preferred my own body for the mean time. By the way: the concept will be: Ayoynism. :)

(cartoon courtesy of www.toonpol.com)