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Working with clods
Thursday, July 7, 2011 posted at 7/07/2011 12:20:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Last time, i had this conversation with a colleague, well used to be. I used to work with her boss. In the middle of the conversation, she burst into tears and screamingly tell all her hardships in the workplace. Shock that i was, i was dumbfounded by cries and wailing (okay i exaggerated). But this girl really cried her eyes out.

Then it hit in the head like a cranium. "I was like her!" Used to be like her and now all the memories came back screaming in the dark, deep labyrinths of my i.d. It screams and constantly reminds me that there are a lot of loathful species in here.

Hateful people. They are everywhere. In school, in the workplace and in the community. You eat with them, converse with them and actually became their companion in one point of your life. I'm not saying that i'm a paragon of virtue but  Good God! help me deal with this people. Here are some that i know:

The Indecisives. They make decisions out of nowhere, change their minds and thinks that they are better than the rest. They decide which is right and which is wrong. They try to beat the hell out of you by throwing your wonderful, bright ideas into trash. They speak (daw) in behalf of the true, the good and the beautiful. But in reality, they are just smart casuals. Since they top the list of what should be done and decide what is the best, you will say, " Who died and made you the God of taste?"

The Incompetents. There are a lot of these that I know. Im not saying that I'm a super competent person but I know when I'm right or in the good side. These people. They thought that they are good. Since they are born earlier in this world, they think they know it all. But the truth is, they know nothing at all. They think that they are really good at what they are doing but they are not. What really pisses me off is that they dont know that they are incompetent. I guess being incompetent creates a force field or hallucinations of being great. These clods will be beaten to death with their illusions.

The Pretenders. Very theatrical. These people pretend to have your best interest in mind but its not true. The truth of the matter is, they are selfish bastards who sucks your energy like a swine. They want everyone to be like them and they want you to be part of the system. Good Lord, there's no end to their hypocrisy and i dont know how to put up with it. They will talk to you saying that you are a nice,good and dependable person but behind your back they talk nasty things and laugh at you faults. What they dont know is that people talk behind they're backs too. How sad.

The Watchers. They are the up-to-date fashion/personal critics in your life. Whenever you had a new dress, accessories or haircut, they are the first person who will point out that "Hindi bagay sa'yo." Then you look at him/her and realize that he/she looks more awful than you are.Maybe he/she didnt she him/her self in the mirror or they are in the state of denial. Not only on the physical level, they also look forward to every disaster that will happen to your life and not knowing, they are there to mingle with it and thinks that he/she really know you in personal basis. I'm just happy that he/she loathes him/her self everyday of his/ her miserable life looking at the mirror. How sweet.

The Straws. They dont have a mind of their own so they will stick to the highest authority. They suck the blood of people around them. Sometimes, they become a two-faced bitch. But what can you do? They are close to the Gods, so harming them is not an option. At times of mistake or error, they will drop you like a hot potato, put all the blame in you. Best way to disuade them is not talk to them to them. Avoid them like plagues and abhor their works.

I know that once in your life, you encountered them and i must say, they roam the earth everyday. In a vast of more than 5 billion people, there are always a great chance of meeting these creatures. They are destined to make your life miserable. But it is always up to you if you will fight them or be with them.

To you my dear friend / fellow worker, you have the choice to either walk away or walk with them.