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Dating your TV is a funny thing
Thursday, July 7, 2011 posted at 7/07/2011 12:08:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

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For almost two weeks of forced sabbatical, i've been dating my Televison. Yes, that square boob tube that shows a lot of shows. For almost twelve days I've glued myself in the front of my TV and perused all day on someone else's mind. Its funny that i work for a company who is running one of the biggest television network in the country yet i couldn't get enough of the stuff. Maybe I'm looking for something to shock me out of the black hole.

Anyways, i can say I've seen a lot of shows lately and one of my favorites is Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen (by Fox) is a show hosted by Gordon Ramsay, a three star Michelin chef who runs several restaurants in the US. Contestants must compete to wins the position of head chef for the up and coming LA Market restaurant. You may think that its just a cooking show but i never seen a show that's full of cuss words, i hear "bleeps" every five seconds. Everybody is a potty mouth, especially Ramsay.

So the chefs have to fight, shout and scream to win the title (asides from making food). For the whole series, Ramsay also shouts and screams at the contestants that i developed tinnitus. He even smashes food, throw pans and pushes chefs out the kitchen and the station.
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I've already watched five or six episodes and i hear "Raw!", "Overcooked!", "Under cooked!" over and over and i see people hovering, sweating and cooking and sometimes emotions run high because the contestants are so motivated to win the title you will root for them. It was fun watching them and i tell you hell's kitchen definitely summarizes the human condition - phony, ridiculous but who the gives a *bleep*. So people dig in and give them a gas.