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Outgoing and Incoming...
Sunday, December 29, 2013 posted at 12/29/2013 07:14:00 PM ♥ 0 comments

2013 is almost over. Two more days and we will have another year to think about. As a tradition, we always look back on the events of the outgoing year. When I was still working at drama anthology show, they explained that looking back is somewhat a catharsis - a process of releasing to provide relief. It may be true for some people but for a few, it is like reliving the nightmare and pain of the past.

For the Philippines, this year is something most people wanted to forget. It had been a harrowing year for the country with all the the corruption expose and disasters (natural and man-made) that hit us. Saying that we are resilient in the face of calamity is now an understatement. It is more than resiliency. I don't what it is called, but we, Filipinos have given our all and braved, still braving, all the things fate and destiny was and has been bestowing upon us.

On the personal level, I think there is not much going on for me. Well, a new job definitely gave me more freedom but at the same time stall my growth. On the relationship part, it has been, well, little less dramatic but has its down moments. I admit there there was a time when I try to tell myself that there is no next level. For me, it is easier to think that way rather than to hope or expect for anything. But after having "the talk", he gave me hope that we are going somewhere. Maybe I'm just getting a little impatient but you have to understand that time is of the essence for me.

Eventually, that talk led to some planning. Vague plans which I don't want to think about since I have plans on my own. And that plans led to my vision board. Looking at it, I think what I want in life is pretty simple compared to those who aspire to conquer the world.

Like what Buddha says, "To conquer the world, you have to conquer yourself." I believe that saying should be the standard guiding principle in life. It is hard to take over a dominion if you don't have the basic knowledge of who you are and what you want. Simple pointers that are often ignored. I was a fool back then when I dreamt that I can take over the world without knowing myself. It stressed me out. With that, I wanted to start with something that is reachable and possible.

I decided to put it here so I will have a reminder of what I want in my life. Together with the Lord, may you help me to achieve each one of this. I'm truly excited for 2014. I feel that in the coming year, I will be bolder to take more risk and more patient towards achieving the things I want.

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