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Who's your BFF?
Monday, April 8, 2013 posted at 4/08/2013 07:06:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Okay, we love our friends, and it is a must to be build a happy, close relationship with them. But what if your BFF's will be your downfall? An article titled, BFF No More: How to Break Up with a Toxic Friend will tell you who and what kind of friend you should ditch and cut off from your list. Or if you think you are one of these, then it is time to change your ways.

1. Narcissist. These are your friends that feed from your misery and then boost their achievements. Sure, they are fun to be with and you can look at them as your devoted friend; but when the time comes that you are in your lowest of the low, you can be sure the Narcissist will be there to point out your mistakes while raising themselves to the pedestal.

2. Mooch. I hate to say this, but these are the financial lechers of  the group. If the Narcissist feed on your misery, the mooch feed on your wallet. They are the ones who always asking you to treat them to drinks, buy them a lunch, or get them something when you went for a treat. I know how good it feels when you make your friends happy, but if it is affecting your budget, then it is a high time to tell them that they should buy their own lunch.

3. Paranoid. Okay, you share the same problems and go through some hard patch. You share something in common. They think that everything and everyone is against them. But when the drama heightened, be sure that that there will be a confrontation at bay. Walk away before that time comes.

Well, that is just three. If you know more, feel free to add!