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Acne no more.
Thursday, April 18, 2013 posted at 4/18/2013 06:57:00 AM ♥ 0 comments

Acne. It is a bane to our existence. We spent our whole life dealing with the zit and we don't know why it keeps on coming back. During our teenage years it is our mortal enemy; when we reached our adulthood, we try to keep it at bay.

These past few days, I noticed that I have breakout in my chin area. I suspect that my bacteria-laden hands are the culprit. Let's face it, our hands are pretty much everywhere which makes it prone to catching bacterias and other disgusting things.

So I set a plan to get rid of these disgusting, awful zits in my chin area. GoArticles.com offers some advice to prevent acne.

1. Hydrate. Water will help flush the toxins out of your body. Drinking plenty of H2O will definitely help not only to prevent acne, but keep your body healthy.

2. Feed your skin. It is a no-brainer tip. Eating healthy, appropriate food can do wonders to your body, especially to your skin. A balance diet will make your skin healthier. Papaya and peach have exfoliating tonic. And these two are high in Vitamin A that will make your skin spotless. And lemon and berries have Vitamin C which is great for skin. Berries are also rich in antioxidants that helps rejuvenates your skin.

3. Move! Exercising improves blood circulation and reduce stress, which is the major cause of acne breakouts.

4. Wash-wash. Yes, washing your face twice a day would unclog the pores and keep it clean. Use an antibacterial face cleanser that suits your skin type. But do not overwash your skin. Overwashing will leave your skin high and dry.

5. Exfoliate. Removing dead skin cells regularly will definitely help prevent zits.

6. No touch. Just like what happened to my poor chin, frequently touching your face gives a high chance of bacteria transfer and major cause of acne.

7.  Go to your skin doctor. Yap. Your trusted dermatologist can recommend the appropriate care for your skin.

Well, I do hope that I would remember these tips. Excuse me, I have some exfoliating to do.